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EventLog Capacity Adjustment

Some applications write info to the eventLog, if eventLog is not adjusted properly you may
get the following error message while trying to write there: "Eventlog is full". Then do the following to change the logging capacity.
1) Open ControlPanel > Administrative Tools > EventLog
2) Right click on the category that is located at the left side of the eventLog, choose properties.
3) Select "Overwrite if required", click OK.
=> You are done adjusting the logging capacity, and you will not get the error message again
with these settings.


Alen Ziver Malhasoglu's New Microsoft Commerce Server Blog

How to Add a Product Variant

referance1: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa546033.aspx
referance2: http://ravikk.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F348D7145D1BE6C2!411.entry
Quoted from ref1:
private static void AddVariant(
CatalogContext context, string variantId, string catalogName, string productId)
// Get the product family from the catalog.
BaseCatalog baseCatalog = (BaseCatalog)context.GetCatalog(catalogName);
ProductFamily productFamily = (ProductFamily)baseCatalog.GetProduct(productId);

// Add the variant to the product family.

// Set the properties for the variant product.
productFamily.Variants[variantId]["Color"] = "Green";


Alen Ziver Malhasoglu's New Microsoft Commerce Server Blog

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_OrderForms'.

Above we see a nice thread about the following problem:
Error occurs while "Error on basket.SaveAsOrder()"
Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_OrderForms'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.OrderForms'

How to sell downloadable products on a commerce site?

Very nice debate on commerce sites which sell downloadable products.

Secure Connection string



Alen Ziver Malhasoglu's New Microsoft Commerce Server Blog

cannot find DSC_Attribute_Add stored procedure, or DSC_Attribute_Update

While installation of DotShoppingCart site some stored procedures cannot be created on Sql Servers which have Turkish_CI_AS collation. While trying to add new attributes to the site it complains "cannot find 'DSC_Attributes_Add' stored procedure". Same problem exists for DSC_Attribute_Update sp. I have inspected the installation script of the db and found the case sensitivity error.

=> Replace "@selectionTypedisplaycontrolid" string with "@SelectionTypeDisplayControlId"
and the site installs smoothly. Enjoy your DotShoppingCart site!


Alen Ziver Malhasoglu's New Microsoft Commerce Server Blog

Snippet Compiler for C#

http://www.sliver.com/dotnet/SnippetCompiler/ Cool tool...

Also there are more utilities at http://www.sliver.com/dotnet/index.aspx

A tiny exe that creates EventSource in EventLog

HOWTO: Troubleshooting the "Event Message Not Found" Message
EventLog.WriteEntry Method (String, EventLogEntryType, Int32, Int16, Byte[])
Eventcreate.exe application and another thread for the fix

Eventlog\Application Create a new key at this level by the following name: Mileage Efficiency CalculatorNow within this key, add a new string value and set its name to EventMessageFile and set its value to: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\EventLogMessages.dll